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Best Banks and Credit Unions for Mobile Banking

Feb 25, 2022 By Triston Martin

While it's difficult to get thrilled about login into a mobile banking app, you'd probably enjoy a user experience that allows you to execute time-consuming financial activities swiftly and keep track of your money's whereabouts. An easy-to-use app may prove to be even another incentive for you to stick with your current bank or credit union.

The most amazing mobile banking applications will save you time when it comes to fundamental chores like depositing checks and locating local ATMs. The finest banks to deal with will also assist you in gaining more control over your money habits by including less typical features into their applications, such as an early payday or a warning when you are in danger of overdrawing your account, your daily routine. So these are the steps of choosing best banks and credit unions for mobile banking.

The Top Mobile Banking Apps

  • Chase Bank
  • Bank of America
  • United States of America (USAA)
  • Alliant Credit Union
  • Huntington Bank

The Best Mobile Banking Applications

Some of the best bank, challenger bank, and credit union mobile applications are available for download on your mobile devices, and you can find them all here.

Chase Bank

The best banks application for automatic savings features. The large financial institution provides a well-reviewed mobile application and continues to enhance it with various tools and features. You may also use some of the more edgy features available on the Chase application. For example, you may instruct the app to transfer $100 into your savings account if your checking account receives a deposit of more than $1,000 – this is an improvement above the standard automated bank transfer.

Bank of America

Bank of America, like Chase, has a mobile app that distinguishes itself from the competition in many ways, including the manner you can discover information. In 2018, Bank of America made a big stir in the industry by introducing Erica, a virtual assistant, to its mobile banking app. Erica can provide you with answers to your financial questions rather than making you look for the facts. The assistant may look up individual transactions for you and warn you if it believes you are in danger of causing your account balance to go below the zero thresholds. Erica also responds to questions on the coronavirus.

Customers will be able to save time while visiting a branch due to the mobile application. It is possible to plan an appointment with a bank professional, for example, using the app. In February, the bank claimed that around 70% of its consumer customers are digitally engaged on its website.


It's no surprise that USAA, a financial institution based in San Antonio, Texas that serves military members and their families, has long been regarded as a digital banking leader, and for a good reason: the institution was the first to introduce mobile deposit capture technology, and it continues to roll out features that are convenient for people who live their lives on the go. The automated assistant on the USAA app, like the one on the Bank of America app, is a remarkable feature. In the same way that Siri allows users to ask questions, members may ask USAA's virtual assistant questions by typing their questions in or speaking them out loud.

Alliant Credit Union

According to Bankrate's list of credit unions for 2021, 2020, and 2019, the Chicago credit union took first place. It stands apart among the reasons: It has a highly-rated mobile application. While Alliant's mobile app isn't the most innovative, it does provide access to the most important banking features (like viewing your transaction history and letting you deposit checks). It also takes a few steps farther than its competitors in this regard. Using the program, you may see your spending trends with the help of a personal financial tool. Alliant is predominantly a digital-only credit union, and becoming a member is a straightforward process. You will be eligible for membership if you donate to the credit union's partner charity, Foster Care to Success when doing so.

Huntington Bank

The mobile banking app for the regional bank has all the features you need. Capturing deposits on a mobile device? Please view your balance with a single touch. Check. Where can I locate an ATM? From then, things start to get interesting. If and when a merchant unintentionally charges you twice for the same bill, you will get alerts if you are at risk of overdrawing your account, and you will be notified when a subscription charge is made, all via Huntington Heads Up.

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